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Choosing GDS distribution with the Elegant Hotel Collection gives your hotel access not only to the 500,000 travel agents worldwide who use the Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo/Apollo or Worldspan Global Distribution systems, but also the millions of bookers who use websites powered by them.

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What is the GDS?

GDS or Global Distribution Systems are the reservations systems used by agencies and consortia when making air, hotel or other travel service bookings.

Not only do GDSs power the content of ‘traditional’ travel agency platforms, they also provide pricing, availability and reservation functionality to many online travel agencies.

The Elegant Hotel Collection has a dedicated chain code powered by HotelREZ on the GDS to enhance global partnerships and marketing activities

Amplify your reach with GDS distribution

GDS distribution can open up your hotel to a wide range of potential new bookers that would not otherwise have access to your hotel’s rates and availability, including corporate bookers, consortia and travel management companies.

The Elegant team will work with your hotel to ensure it’s represented in the best possible light on the GDS, allowing you to leverage the power of its reach. Once your hotel is live on the GDS, the Elegant team will work with you to drive bookings, through participation in sales and marketing activities, as well as advising you on competitive pricing strategies.

How we can boost your GDS reservations

Our partnerships with high-end leisure and lifestyle agencies drive leisure business in the GDS with a typically higher ADR and in higher room categories, positively impacting your bottom line.

Our preferred status with leading agents means we enjoy all the benefits of increased exposure. These include invitations to network with frontline travel experts and agency owners, dedicated webinars with consultants, and face-to-face office visits all designed to build awareness outside of your current traditional market reach.

In addition to the public rates bookable on the GDS and other channels, Elegant encourages member hotels to participate in corporate, TMC and consortia hotel programmes by providing client-specific negotiated rates. Setting up negotiated rates is one of the best ways to generate volume reservations.

Travel managers use Request for Proposals (RFP) to identify the hotels they may want to work with, decide if they meet the programme criteria and negotiate rates. Elegant has a team of experts to support you throughout the RFP process, as well as cutting-edge technology to help simplify the process of RFP completion.

Elegant Hotel Collection has set up preferred partnerships directly with small and more regional travel agencies, who don’t normally have an RFP programme, to ensure hotel members gain high visibility and receive more business from them.

In addition, we work closely with other global strategic preferred partners to grow your hotel business through their agents, as well as corporate companies that are part of their network.

As a member of the Elegant Hotel Collection, you will benefit from a range of proactive marketing initiatives we use to promote your property to GDS bookers. Activities include email marketing, banner advertising, face to face visits, point of sale campaigns, specific niche rate campaigns, as well as offers such as sale rates or business and boutique hotel collections.

Elegant offers member hotels opportunities to participate in supplier events with our preferred partners, so that you can promote your property directly, raising awareness, increasing their product knowledge and ultimately boosting bookings.

Other Distribution Services

We help you amplify your reach and tap into new markets all via one system. One login allows you to manage your presence on the GDS, building awareness with travel agents, corporate bookers, and leading travel websites, your hotel’s own website, and the Elegant Call Centre.

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