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Two-way PMS Interface

Save time, minimise errors, and avoid overbookings with a two-way hotel interface between your Property Management System (PMS) and the Elegant Central Reservation System (CRS). You can seamlessly send rates, inventory and availability data to the CRS, from the PMS, and receive real-time reservations and inventory updates directly.
Changes within your hotel’s PMS are automatically updated across all Elegant’s connected distribution channels, including all OTAs that you manage directly through the CRS or Channel Management Tool.

Hotel PMS Interfaces Include:

Optimal bookings, minimal errors

Our industry-leading CRS, with an optional two-way PMS interface, ensures that you have all the tools to efficiently manage your hotels distribution. The interface updates rates and availability in real-time across all channels minimising the chance of overbookings, mitigating potential manual pricing errors, and optimising revenue by ensuring unsold room allocations are released for sale.

Intuitive, Flexible Technology

Your complete distribution and marketing toolkit.

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Central Reservation System / CRS

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Content & Image Management Tools

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